Is China really so scary?

The global race to develop clean technology is often framed as a contest between Chinese-style capitalism and the more market-oriented approach favored by the United States. | Reuters via WaPo

Steven Mufson and John Pomfret, The Washington Post | Full Story | With the American economy struggling and the political system in gridlock, there is one thing everyone in Washington seems to agree on: The Chinese do it better.

Cyberspace? China has an army of hackers ready to read your most intimate e-mails and spy on corporations and super-secret government agencies. (Just ask Google.) Education? China is churning out engineers almost as fast as it’s making toys. Military prowess? China is catching up, so quickly that it is about to deploy an anti-ship ballistic missile that could make life on a U.S. aircraft carrier a perilous affair. The economy? China has gone from cheap-clothing-maker to America’s banker. Governance? At least they can build a high-speed train. And energy? Look out, Red China is going green!

This new Red Scare says a lot about America’s collective psyche at this moment. A nation with a per capita income of $6,546—ensconced above Ukraine and below Namibia, according to the International Monetary Fund—is putting the fear of God, or Mao, into our hearts. >>


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