Lose Weight On A Raw Vegan Diet And Start Living Again!

Do you have excess weight? Have you tried every diet out there? Do you feel agitated and depressed and just want to give up? You really should look at adopting a diet that is better than the ones that you’ve previously tried. Why? Because all those diets you have tried do not leave you feeling good about your body or yourself.
Have you ever considered adopting the raw food vegan lifestyle? The health benefits that come from this diet are endless and the weight comes off easily. This has been called the Mother of all Diets and here’s why.

The Calories are Low

When you start eating the majority of your calories from fruits, nuts, sprouts, juices and raw vegetables, you will find an obvious loss of body fat. The weight and fat keep falling off if you keep on the raw food diet. If you consume fruit juices or whole fruit this will bring you even greater weight loss. The reason is that fruits are low
in fat and ideal so weight will start to fall off rather quickly. Be sure you eat an assortment of veggies to keep your diet interesting. This will help you to stay on the raw food diet and help prevent cravings for foods that are bad.

Why not try making for your breakfast a smoothie? All you need is some fresh raw almond milk, some in-season berries (frozen is fine), one or two ripe bananas, and some vanilla extract or agave nectar to taste. You can put a tiny pinch of sea salt in it to bring out the flavors.

It gives you abundant Energy

You should make for yourself a really large raw salad and also have a large glass of freshly made vegetable juice for lunch which was made that morning, or the night before for the highest quality of nutrient absorption. This will skyrocket your energy to a whole new level, and you will find yourself feeling great all afternoon! People
will also start commenting on your happy demeanor and sudden zest for life! It will happen!

In regard to the salad for lunch, put as many of your favorite vegetables and fruits in it to your hearts content. Start with some romaine lettuce and add some fresh juicy berries, onion, avocado, cucumber, walnuts, mung beans, and corn. Then add little bit of extra virgin olive oil and also some freshly squeezed lemon, sea salt, and
pepper. Give it a go! This is sustaining and very energizing.

One important note however, if you’re currently embracing this vegan diet for weight loss purposes, you need to restrict your consumption of nuts and avocado. The reason being is that both of these foods are rather high in fat (good fats) and calories, so limiting them is essential if you want to lose weight. I’m not saying to give them
up altogether, just limit your intake to eating no more than half an avocado and one medium handful of nuts per day. If you have met your weight goal and you are exercising consistently, then you can increase the amount of nuts and avocado you consume.

A raw vegan diet is perfect for people dealing with cancer. It provides much needed nutrients for strengthening the immune system and maintaining lean muscle. It also helps to stop any further grow of cancer and allows your body to fight the existing cancer
more effectively.