Growing Kits Make It Easy To Enjoy Mushrooms At Home

Whether you love mushrooms for their taste and texture, or you want to take advantage of their amazing health properties, its worth eating them on a regular basis.

But did you know you can grow mushrooms quickly and easily at home? Now you can enjoy watching them sprout on your counter, and eat fresh mushrooms right after picking.
All that freshness also comes with a powerful punch of health benefits, as all mushrooms are good for you. Some varieties, like Reishi and Shiitake, have specific health benefits.

Lets take a look at an easy way to obtain fresh and delicious mushrooms at home: the use of a mushroom growing kit.

All You Need To Know About Mushroom Growing Kits

A growing kit is simply a pre-packaged kit that provides everything you need to grow your own mushrooms. There are many varieties of kits available to spawn and grow many varieties of mushrooms.

Some of the more commonly cultivated species of mushroom are Morels, Shiitake, Reishi, Oyster, and Lions Mane. Each kit is specially tailored to grow the exact species of mushroom you want to grow.

If youve never grown mushrooms before, its good to start with an Oyster mushroom kit. Oyster mushrooms are relatively easy to grow and can adapt to a variety of conditions. They are forgiving to the new cultivator, allowing you to use the Oyster kit as a way to learn the mushroom growing process..

When you receive a mushroom growing kit, youre essentially receiving an inoculated substrate placed inside of a grow bag.The type of substrate depends on the species of mushroom.

Heres what we mean by these terms:
Inoculated means the substrate has been injected with mushroom spawn.
Substrate is the material the mushroom grows in, which can vary depending on the mushroom.

Its Easy To Use A Mushroom Growing Kit

Depending on the type of kit, there are steps to follow when you receive it. Youll get instructions with the kit.

Typically you have to puncture or cut a slit into the grow bag, which provides oxygen to the growing mushrooms inside. Youll then have to provide a source of moisture and humidity to the mushroom bag, usually done by misting it regularly with water in a spray bottle. Some mushroom kits require re-hydrating by soaking the block in water overnight.

While the mushroom grow kit needs to be in a warm place, it should be in indirect sunlight, to help the mushrooms fruit, or grow out of the substrate.

The length of time it takes for the mushroom to fruit depends on the species of mushroom. Oyster mushrooms can fruit in as little as five days. By following the instructions on the box, youll know when to harvest your mushrooms.
Then you simply pick the mushrooms and enjoy them fresh! Some mushroom kits will fruit several times, so you can enjoy a few harvests, depending on the type of mushroom and the kit.

Final Thoughts

Mushroom growing kits are easy to find, either online or at a local store. Using a growing kit makes it easy to enjoy mushrooms at home, while you learn the process of growing mushrooms.

Its simple to take advantage of the flavor of mushrooms and their health benefits with a home mushroom grow kit.