Eliminate Cellulite from Your Arms, Belly, Thighs, and Behind

girlCellulites are unsightly bumps, bulges, or lumps on the skin that have been the source of major anxiety and body image disturbance problems of many individuals. It is true that 9 out of 10 women can have cellulites at any given point in their lives. Men, too, can have cellulites, although it is very rare and are often the result of a deficiency in androgenic hormones. Regardless, whenever cellulite is talked about, many go to great lengths to remove these skin imperfections. Here are some of the common ways to eliminate cellulite from your arms, belly, thighs, and behind.


  • Dry Brushing


One of the simplest and perhaps most practical ways to eliminate cellulite is to brush the affected body parts with an appropriate body brush, preferably one that is made of natural fibers. The idea is to help improve the flow of lymph to facilitate the removal of toxins that may have accumulated from the smaller lymph nodes under the skin. This is what’s believed to be one of the reasons why there’s bulging or lumping in cellulite.


  • Cayenne Pepper


Everyone knows that cayenne is one of the few natural spices that have been shown in studies to deserve the title of a real fat-burner. This is because it has the capacity to raise the thermogenic properties of the body, increasing metabolism, and burning stored fat in the process. The prevailing notion is that cellulite is made up of super-thick globs of fat. Being able to break these down and facilitate their removal should help in the elimination of cellulite.


  • Coffee Grounds


You may not know it but that those black grounds you brew in the morning can be rubbed on your body, especially those that have cellulite, to help in the regeneration of your skin. While this is indirectly related to the removal of cellulite, facilitating the regrowth of skin can help lessen the tension on the underlying structures. This can result in fewer bumps and lumps. Besides this, massaging coffee grounds can improve circulation in the area.


  • Seaweeds


Like coffee grounds, seaweeds can be excellent exfoliating agents. These help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of newer cells being pushed towards the outer layer of the skin and relieving pressure from underneath. When combined with massage, this helps improve lymphatic flow which can aid in the removal of toxins and other waste products that may contribute to the development of cellulites.


  • Juniper Oil


Juniper essential oil is known in aromatherapy circles as excellent when it comes to its detoxification properties as well as its ability to facilitate fluid excretion. This can help facilitate the flushing of toxins known to accumulate in cellulite tissues.


There are many other ways to eliminate cellulite. Unfortunately, many of these take considerable time.