Know The Suitable Tooth Replacement For You

Gone are the days when you feel shy, and think twice about smiling due to a missing tooth. There are now dental implant procedures you can undergo to help gain back your confidence and smile without worrying about what others will say. Have a look at the information below, and see what tooth replacement procedure will best suit your situation.

First on the list is the single tooth replacement where the implant or an abutment is fused to the implant immediately, or once the healing period passed. Here, the device is attached to the crown fabricated by the dental laboratory to match your teeth. Once attached, the crown is screwed or cemented on the abutment to keep it in place. What makes this a good option is that the crown looks just like your natural teeth.

The second option is the fixed multiple tooth replacement. The procedure is almost the same as the first since temporary healing caps are placed until everything is healed. The abutments are also attached to the custom-made crowns/bridgework. Then, the custom bridge is either screwed or cemented on the abutments. Through this option, you can have your bright smile back without damaging the healthy ones next to them, and without increasing your risk of bone loss.

Lastly, there is the removable implant-supported tooth replacement, which is ideal for individuals who no longer have their lower or upper teeth. In this option, 2-6 implants are allotted to support your lower denture. You will only need four implants (minimum) if they are meant to support the upper denture.

Removable dentures are ideal if you want to replace extensive gum-tissue tooth and bone loss to provide support for the lip, cheeks and facial skeleton. They are either snapped or clipped into place on the dental implants, or created with a customized milled bar for added support and strength.

The design of these dentures varies. The designs made are based on the number of implants, and your bone density. This will be discussed during the consultation. Just like the rest of the options, removable dentures have their own benefits. They are easy to clean.

Now you know what your options are when it comes to dental implants. Perhaps, you have also made your choice. However, there is one more thing you need to keep in mind before proceeding. Make sure to provide all information your dentist needs to know – from your medical status, to the medications you are currently taking.

This is vital since this type of dental procedure requires the patient to be in good health. Keep in mind that, although this is a solution, it is not suitable for everyone, particularly those with certain conditions, like cancer and uncontrolled diabetes or gum disease. Such conditions will affect how well the implants connect to your jaw-bone.